Solar Installation

Get reliable solar power installation in Altus, Lawton and Duncan, OK

Get reliable solar power installation in Altus, Lawton and Duncan, OK

If you're ready to invest in solar power, SoLiv Solar is standing by to take your call. We work with both residential and commercial clients, and we'll handle every step of the installation. For you, the process will be as easy as picking up the phone.

After your initial free consultation, we will:

  • Visit your home or business in the Lawton and Duncan, OK area to work up a design for your solar power installation.
  • Install your new solar panels carefully to make sure they're safe and secure.
  • Keep the job site clean. Your home or workplace will look better than it did when we arrived.
  • Perform a final inspection to ensure that the installation is up to our standards.
  • Flip the switch on your new solar power installation, so you can start reaping the rewards!

Don't wait - call SoLiv Solar today to schedule your free consultation.

Conserve energy in any space with the versatility of solar

We can install solar panels wherever there is enough space to mount them. We work with a select group of product manufacturers-including Solar World, Enphase, Unirac and Dynoraxx-in order to deliver the best results for you. Whether on a roof or a gazebo, we will install high-performance solar cell panels onto any available surface at your home or workplace.

The possibilities for solar power are practically endless. Call SoLiv Solar today to speak to an expert.